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There are ten officially recognised religions in Singapore: 

(in alphabetical order) 

Baha’i Faith 











Sometimes there's a fear that we become so comfortable with online services. It became a substitute for human interaction, a substitute of community coming together, serving together, interacting with one another and worshiping God together. And that will be a loss. 

Rev. Terry Kee

What difference will it make if you teach a robot the prayers, they can also pray. If you teach them how to put the lobe on, the sort of ceremony that you put your hand like this, they can do it.


Ervad Rustom M. Ghadiali


Jainism teaches us practitioners, and makes us aware that everything you do has a cause and effect .

Mr Rajesh R Shah

We believe like it is in the writings. It said it's nourishment for the soul. It's the sweetest state that you're in when you're in prayer. 

Ms Meiping Chang


Is it that we want to be as productive as we can in life, or do we want to have more of a cohesive society where we feel happy and connected and that we have these very meaningful and deep relationships? 

Mr Ian Carter

Why is it that in today's world we are talking so much about stress and disunited societies, disunited families.  

Mr Sengkuttuvan Kanniyappan


In Jainism, there is a strong belief that each of us have a soul, and the body is just temporary. The soul is permanent. The soul goes with you wherever you go.


Mr Ashvin B Desai 

When water meets an obstacle, it will naturally look for another avenue to pass through. And this is how a Taoist should live our life. 

Master Benjamin Tan


If every single being on this earth has a positive mindset, this earth itself will be a paradise.

Venerable Shi You Guang

Prayer helps us to recalibrate our lives sometimes. It allows us to pause for a moment, in a hectic lifestyle, especially living in a country like Singapore with everything so fast-paced. 

Mr Ustaz Mizi Wahid

Screenshot 2022-10-25 194114_edited.png

Digital technology has really sort of compressed time, makes things move and requires responses much faster. I think the Sabbath allows you to break that chain, and just to have that period of space, silence, contemplation, which I think is increasingly important. 

Mr Ben J Benjamim

Listening to the kirtan helps because now with technology, we've got it. For the young ones, it's all translated into English. Mix a little more, puts a little more meaning to that. 

Mr Gurmit Singh


Everything we do in life, we do in moderation, whether it's eating, sleeping, even reading, learning, you find a middle ground. It's really balancing between the two extremes. 

Mr Alfi Sohfian Bin Ahmad

So that idea of subjugating the heart and the mind isn't what you want to start the day with, the remind yourself that, you know, no matter what happens with life dishes out at you, whatever challenges you, you'll be able to overcome them. 

Rabbi Mordechai Abergel

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